30 January, 2011


You are someone who touches each life he enters,
and makes a difference in the world,
how much light and sparkle you bring wherever you go,
how your sunny smile lights up any gathering.On thise special day
I’m thinking of all the wonderful things you are
that bring so much joy to others,to me
There is no one else like you,
and I feel blessed to know
such an extraordinary person.
Yes I know you,
I can feel you ,
your beautiful spirit
your deep and caring heart.
You have given me so much!!
-even if you do not know it-
I wish you to always stay the same:
glowing from within,
beaming bright joy on everyone you meet,
the special joys you bring
just by being yourself
And remember that you are LOVED!
So much love from so many people-And remember this, as you blow out the last candle:
Life holds no challenge that you cannot handle!

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